The Mayo Clinic Phoenix Patient Portal is an essential tool for patients to manage their health care. This online platform allows patients to connect directly with their healthcare team, access medical records, schedule appointments, communicate with their care team, view test results, request prescription refills, and even pay bills​​​​​​.

The patient portal is designed to be a secure and convenient way to manage health-related matters, ensuring that you can access your health information and communicate with your care team from anywhere, at any time. For example, you can view your test results and your doctor’s comments within days, which eliminates the need for a phone call or letter that could take much longer. Additionally, it offers the capability to request appointments and communicate directly with your doctor​​.

For assistance with the patient portal or the Mayo Clinic app, patients can contact support at 1-877-858-0398 during weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CDT. The support line can help with accessing accounts or troubleshooting issues related to the portal​​.

The Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, where the portal services are integrated, is a seven-story facility with 368 licensed beds, 33 operating rooms, and an emergency department. The hospital offers a variety of health services including clinical laboratory, diagnostic imaging, inpatient care for medical and surgical specialties, lung testing, noninvasive heart tests, and it also houses a transplant center. There are additional services for visitors which include cafeteria services, shops and supplies, pharmacy services, and more. The hospital’s visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day​​.

The Mayo Clinic Phoenix Patient Portal is therefore not only a bridge to the healthcare team but also a reflection of Mayo Clinic’s commitment to patient-centered care, providing a holistic and efficient approach to healthcare management.